World’s behind

It’s completely typical of me to jump onboard when the rest of the world has been blogging for decades, but better late than never. There is a master plan behind this blog, a sharing of a world that’s still in the making. Before all of that I need to get adjusted to this new forum and embrace the world that is mind expansion. Let’s hope I don’t use this as a way to empty my thoughts out, no world in any universe is ready for that!

My dog does need to stop staring at the front door like that though, especially as we’re home alone. Needless to say I’ve locked the door.

Don’t forget the sparkles xx


About glitterydragon

A relentless multitasker dancing in circles
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4 Responses to World’s behind

  1. Imelda says:

    Nice looking hallway, is that a picture of Lewis Hamilton’s car on the wall?

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