Failed already

I had intended to blog every day, mostly as a mental exercise to get myself used to writing again, but alas I’ve fallen already! 

Each year my closest family members get a new chapter added to their own unique stories that I’ve written for them, I normally cut the timing a bit fine but this year I haven’t even started, in fact I haven’t even put fantasy to paper since I finished last years installments so I’ve convinced myself that it just won’t happen.  Maybe there’s a part of me that still thinks it could be possible so we shall see.

I’ve also volunteered myself for a million things as I’m on maternity leave, not sure that’s always the best thing to do, reading books for review purposes, helping on the ward for new mums breastfeeding, writing articles for two websites all alongside the imminent arrival of our new baby and promoting our new business venture from home.  If I can do it all, great, busy is the best way for me, no time to be melancholy and the infinite sadness, but it’s a fine line between that and overstretched!

Ho hum!

Oh and Xmas, there’s all that to organise!!!



About glitterydragon

A relentless multitasker dancing in circles
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