He’s here

Baby Ellis arrived in a somewhat dramatic fashion last week.  Ruptured membranes Wednesday evening which signalled much anticipation but no further signs he was on his way.  We were carefully managed by the hospital with a deadline of Saturday to allow events to unfold naturally before intervening.  We didn’t make it that far.  Woke up Thursday morning feeling a little off but dismissed it as tiredness, baby’s movements began to change so we were pulled in Thursday evening for immediate induction.  Arrived, excited, settled in, got fussed over by the staff and everything was under way.  

Within an hour everything changed, I became really poorly and at 837 pm Ellis was born by c section, thrust healthily screaming into his dads arms weighing a full 8lb 31/2oz.

All is well now, if not a little traumatic along the way.  

Remind me of this if I ever say, or even hint of wanting another baby!



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