Past times

As new years eve draws ever closer I’m left remembering the reasons why some of us view the evening as somewhat anticlimactic. 

The first year beyond childhood that I can remember getting excited about was a disaster. There was an under 18s club, the basement, that was my chosen party zone. Well that’s a small embellishment, I worked there as my ma was one of the managers, but on this particular night I think I only needed to do a small stint of serving the coke and flipping the burgers before I was free to dance the night away. The resident dj had his finger on the pulse as always with a mix of drum n base played right alongside dj jazzy Jeff and the fresh prince, oh yes we all knew how to shake the room!

At this stage in my life I was head over heals in love with the older boy who had curtains, drove a golf (and fast), and had a real job.  I knew he was a catch and for those odd days that he’d pick me up from school I felt like I had made it in life, the other girls wanted him (or so I told myself) and I had him, after what had been a very long time convincing him that I was the girl for him. Oh how complicated relationships were back then, the hours spent flirting with him to be friend zoned because he’d just come out of a serious relationship and didn’t know what he wanted.  I knew what I wanted and he was it.  I’d end up with a broken heart, but that’s part of life’s little journey. Bruises heal and scars thicken until we find someone else to make us realise what living is really about.

Back to the night, with the new year rapidly approaching.  I wish I could remember the actual song playing at the point of midnight. The atmosphere was brilliant, old arguments and playground tiffs forgotten, everyone was happy on the vibe of youth, diet tango and all contraband that had made it past the door! I found my boyfriend, eagerly anticipating the first kiss when Big Ben did his thing. 

I shant drag this out any longer. I got a quick peck on the cheek, a verbal ‘happy new year’ before he disappeared off into the crowd hugging every female he could find!

I don’t think I went out for new years eve again after that experience, until after a rather messy marriage break up I decided that it would be good to let myself have a good time again. So with my new clothes, my high heels and my gorgeous new man that I was now allowed to be seen with on my arm we ventured out on the town.

We were home in bed watching horror movies with a bottle of wine by 9:30pm. Admittedly we were probably a little early for the party crowd, but the only place we could get in without a ticket had one other person in, who was merrily embracing the festivities by spinning himself around endlessly on a bar stool. It was amusing for ten minutes, after that it became disturbing and was the main reason for our hasty exit and retreat from the world of decadent party people.

This year we have a baby, we’ll be wide awake and sober, but happy and looking forward to every little thing the next year will bring.

Big love to you and yours, have a stunner what ever you end up doing. 


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