Keeping busy

Today’s soundtrack is Steve Smyth, an Aussie guy who I stumbled across whilst my oh had deserted me a few years ago. I was desperate to keep a sense of closeness to him so found a website that listed new music in Australia, he was the one I liked, a crazy eclectic mix of folk and depravity. Perfect for how I felt at the time. A good friend to help me in my daily tasks too. Today I’ll be scrubbing the house from top to bottom for the impending family visit tomorrow, and with what time I have left writing for about first dates, life and the universe!

I did feel a little down this morning, the eldest didn’t want to go to school, the house was exceptionally empty after everyone had left and the housework an impossible endless mission. One smile from lil man fixed it, he has magical healing powers! Cuddles and smiles and I’m all fixed determined to practice what I preach, achieve something with your day.

Caffeine will be a welcomed addition!

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