Working from home

It’s my dream to be self sufficient, but I don’t mean in a grow your own veg way. I want to be able to earn money and pay for the things I want. Actually paying for the things I need would be a good start.

I don’t have any skills, no trade and no big lightbulb ideas but I will work hard. Now that I have a babe back in the nest I don’t want to leave home to do it. So work from home it is, devote those spare minutes and drive myself crazy I shall.

Last summer we spent so much time working on Stone Smart trying to get a business established and viable that I felt completely crestfallen when things didn’t seem to be cooking. Admittedly over Christmas my attention was elsewhere so it’s understandable that it’s not the thriving business it has the potential to be.

Well I’ve had a rest, found my feet with the baby, and have an ever increasing fear of returning to work! I hope I’m not stretching myself too far, we’re still busy creating the wonderful Stuzz site, which is another project I truly believe in. I can so do this, I can give all of my energy and see my family rewarded! I may even have time for some vegetable growing!

Watch out granite industry, we’re coming to revolutionize you! Fingers crossed anyway!

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