Well that went well

I decided to trundle up the road into the hustle and bustle of the local shops. The sun is shining, my cherub was fed and the housework was swept under the rug so we were good to roll. I’d seen a picture framing shop on the row and wanted to finally get a signed print up on the wall as a surprise birthday present for my other half, two years after I’d originally bought it. I also needed some tea bags, I’m sure that drinking all of this coffee his having a detrimental effect in more than one way.

Beautiful walk up the bank, perfect spring day for a stroll. The shop I wanted was closed, with a scribbled note on the door declaring their return at 3pm, an hour and a half away. There’s no way I’d be able to convince the cherub to wait out that long.

The sun’s shining don’t get crestfallen, there’s a butcher’s next door, delicious bacon sandwiches for the morning, yummy weekend treat. No cash, no bacon.

Chin up, there’s always the garage on the way home, they sell bacon and accept card payments. There’s the off license that sell his favourite nostalgic beer.

A £1.10 charge for paying by card and spending under £10.


The sun’s shining. Keep smiling.

I did give the off license the opportunity to sell me £10 worth of their finest liquor, I asked if they’d got anything quirky or special that I could buy him as a treat. The stuttering silence cost me £1.10.

Walking back towards home, the chemist with the bargain priced baby wipes is closed for lunch. Darn, I really needed some too. Drat, I could have topped up on sweets and snacks to make it £10.

Oh well, the sun’s still happy, the garage shall be my salvation.

The garage cost me £11 for what looks like 2 slices of bacon, a bag of crisps and some pork scratchings.

I forgot the tea bags.

On the plus side I did manage to chase down the local farmer in his massive tractor and ask him if we could use our metal detector on his land. That’ll be an adventure if he says yes.

Oh and I did enjoy the sunshine, not sure if I mentioned that!


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