The year of the wings

We can’t afford a holiday this year, there are lots of reasons why so it’s not a sob story I promise. New babynew business and a house full of animals are part of the reason, so for now we’re better off not going away.

To add excitement to our summer and to try and make us feel like we were having adventures, I decided we should have a themed year of air shows. We’ve talked about going to one for a few years now, so I decided to give myself the task of squeezing as many in as is physically and financially viable.

Our season starts in a few weeks with the Cosford Air Show, which will be amazing complete with the The Red Arrows. I can assure you the night before we go I’ll be more excited than a kiddlie with a golden ticket for the polar express!

I’m hoping to book tickets for the International Air Tattoo in July and the one that really excites me is the Red Bull Air Race at Ascot in August. We have the ear defenders ready for the baby .


Last weekend was a bank holiday, complete with wet weather. Whilst lazing in bed on the Monday morning I heard some planes flying over and wondered if there were any local events we could go to that day. My excitement peaked when I found wheels n wings, a 1940s gathering of cars and planes at a localish airport, half penny green in Wolverhampton. We leapt out of bed, abandoned the miserable big kiddlies that didn’t want to come and piled the baby in the car.

Tickets were reduced due to the poor weather, the website had given me a fab rundown of what was there and I was excited.

I checked the date 3 times.

We were still a day late.

It was the surrealist experience ever, we walked around a functional airport looking for an air show that was 24 hours in the past.

Oh dear, I’m definitely losing it.

Try again!

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