A Lost Soul

The Unturned Pages

I searched through the darkness

Stumbling across the ground

The fear filtering through me

For you could not be found

The wind pushed and pulled me

And rain soaked through my hair

As night spread across the sky

I knew somehow you’d be there

Rocks clustered on the hillside

Scattering under my feet

Cold breath frosted on the air

Searching for your lost heat

They came and took you from me

Whilst we slept in peace

Side by side in our graves

They’d stolen our release

The land stretched out behind me

That had been our resting place

I sprinted on towards the crest

Still draped in my wedding lace

Strange how I didn’t bleed

No pain from the cuts and falls

My strength stayed and grew

In the distance I heard the calls

My dress billowed around me

As I stopped still to listen

A gentle calling could be…

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