The Silver Beast Part 2

The Unturned Pages

As the swirling mist parted

The beasts heart was restarted

To his love he must go

And how he missed her he must show

Out of the gloom

Released from his doom

A new dawn was approaching

With it change encroaching.

And then he climbed down the mountainside

The sun glinting softly upon his hide

The village appeared before him

And oh how he longed for her to adore him

Like seasons gone and past

He hoped their love would truly last.

There she was, waiting for her shining one

No longer wondering where he’d gone

Or guessing what he’d done

The gentle smile on her face

Hid the excitement that made her heart truly race

Peace was to descend upon them at last

The wounds it healed had been vast

Her silver beast had finally come

The pain within might yet be undone.

The elf embraced her beast


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