The Silver Beast Part 3

The Unturned Pages

The hag sowed chaos wherever she turned

From her hate the world still burned

Closer to the mountains her hatred crept

Closer to where the lovers had once wept

She knew not where they were hid

But search she would until of them she was rid.

The time of ice was drawing to a close

It was just as nature had chose

The hag destroyed all with fire

And the price of healing by the fae was higher

To restore the life a heat was needed

The price required would be heeded

As the land warmed even more

The ice melted from every pore

The awakening began so slow

Would life be there and allowed to flow?

Had mother nature seen the need

For the return of her seed

Had she helped the fae give warmth to the land

Had she even forced the hand

Using the hags rage to…

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