How to be a better person

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, right? If I disagree is it my place to tell them?

I need to purge myself of the negativity that overwhelms me when I see an injustice. I want to scream that’s wrong, stop killing the dolphins,  no one wants your meat. Tradition seeped in blood isn’t one you need to keep whether you’re Faroese, Spanish or English. Seals are more entitled to those fish than any fisherman so put the guns down. Lions are majestic you cowards. Elephants endure more hardship than any man can ever imagine. There are children starving and bewildered in more countries than we care to imagine. Women are second class citizens no matter how hard we campaign. Homeless is a dirty word feared by the fortunate for all of the wrong reasons. Refugee is a dirty word.

What it all boils down to is that we have forgotten who we are,  where we come from and what is our true nature. We are humans, creatures of this earth, a natural occurrence evolved to live and function within a world that can provide for us.

We were designed with lungs that breath the air unique to this world. We extract the gas that makes us go. What we take in each gasp is replaced by the resources indigenous to this earth. The waste produced from each satisfying gulp is even recycled by the green matter that was once so abundant on this life giving sphere.


The complexity of biodiversity is beyond my knowledge,  and to some extent comprehension. It blows my mind to think about how each system is dependent on the other, just as much as trying to understand that the twinkle I see in the stars happened millions of years ago.

I do know we, as man, as humans, as this evolved and superior species, are killing and destroying the very thing that gives us life at an alarming speed.

I used to worry about the sun running out of energy, thinking that my children’s children may one day be faced with a cold planet. Professor Brian Cox allayed my fears on that count. Now I fear that my children’s children may not even be born. I’m scared that the destruction of our race will happen in my lifetime.

We ignorantly and blindly forge onwards, declaring our right to live in the comfort of modern man. We eat meat because that’s what is natural.  Man was designed to eat meat. Perhaps they were, but things change, evolution happens, population booms, climates alter, corporations dictate, greed takes over.

If we truly looked at ourselves,  as a species, at our changing dimensions,  our health, our habits, would we see our eating habits, as a breed collectively, as natural? I don’t see anything about how we live, eat or act as natural.

Everything we do is so far removed from natural that I don’t know how to get back to what we should be. How do I become a creature of this earth? We even send our children to spend the majority of their time being raised and influenced by someone else, either through childcare or education. Another persons values,  standards and opinions being bestowed upon the things that we hold the dearest.

I know without ‘society’ there would be disorder. I studied, I listened to the doctrine. I thought I was one of the free thinkers because I was liberated from religion. Society still has me trapped.

I want my children to be truly free, but I’m increasingly despondent about the possibility of it ever becoming reality. Government,  society,  corporations, supermarkets, everything seems to dictate how I live my life and what options are available to me. Without money I can’t exist, and to get money I have to be somebody’s slave.

How do I fix this broken and bleeding world? We destroy entire cultures through our own fear and ignorance. We deplete our oceans because it’s our right to eat fish. We kill our climate because steak is juicy. We bury our heads in the sand because someone else will deal with it.

We write tiny blogs because no matter what we try it seems the people aren’t ready to hear.

I salute you Captain Watson.  Hero of the seas. Keep up the good fight my Sea Shepherd warriors.


Leonardo Di Caprio my faith resides in your message being heard loud and clear on a level that people will embrace.

Keep up the good work Cowspiracy. Silence is a killer.

Earth, I embrace you. I’m ready for change.


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