Tree shaped dreams

I’ve been trying to change our carbon footprint for a few years now.  It probably is a little late in my life, I admit. I’ve always recycled and not left the tap running whilst brushing my teeth, as well as absolutely annoying the pants off everyone else in the house by turning off the plugs instead of leaving things on standby. Deep down I know there’s more I could do,  and definitely more I should do.

I decided to see what my carbon footprint actually was so that I’d have a ball park figure of how much off setting I’d need to do in order to become carbon neutral.  A quick search saw me happily answering questions on the WWF site, and I have to admit I was quietly confident that my big size 8s wouldn’t be too large in worldly impact.  I’m a vegan,  the rest of the household are conscientious vegetarians, we source ethical clothing,  have insulated the house, recycle, and use public transport when available.

Apparently that’s not good enough and my carbon footprint is well into the red zone! I’m devastated!  How can the British government cut back on renewable energy sources and grants when that’s one of the UK’s major shortfalls?

I’ve been looking to switch to a green energy provider,  but I find it a jumble of confusion. I want to know that the energy they provide is truly green, where it comes from and that I’m helping to secure the future of green provision for the next generation.  I can’t find this information on their websites,  in fact sometimes green gas isn’t green at all. It’s a higher tarrif for caring,  but not actually helping! Why haven’t we implemented a policy that all new buildings are fitted with solar panels? That’s another letter in the pipeline to my MP,  I look forward to the generic fob off response.

In my dirty great red footprint shame I searched for ways to offset the carbon, lifestyle changes are fab but take time to filter through so I wanted a quick fix. That’s when I found the Woodland Trust offering a scheme. Pay them pennies per tonne of Carbon emitted and they’ll plant trees in your name. I like this. A lot.

Then I thought,  why do I have to pay a middle man to plant trees, why can’t I just do it myself?

Every piece of land in the UK is owned. It’s a sad but necessary fact. I can’t just find a piece of earth that looks tree needy and let the roots nestle in. I need my own dirt just so that I can help the world breath again.

So be it, if that’s what it takes then maybe that will be my life’s mission.  My way to shine amongst the stars. Sounds like the perfect Kickstarter project to me!

Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to plant more trees.

Time to email the school and let them know how disappointed I am that one of their teachers has inferred that vegetarian diets are unnatural. Time to spread the love for Cowspiracy!

Searching for the answer


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