There’s something kinda yogaish going on!

This evening I have found the benefit of being kept awake for the early hours of the morning. Of plodding on with my busy day and pushing myself further than I have for what has probably been more than a decade. My wildchild has fallen asleep at a peaceful hour.

My teenagers are exhausted from having to engage their brains again after what has been a long summer and my man is at  his guitar lesson that should be 45 mins but turned into beers and gossip last week. 

That means only one thing. Out comes my yoga mat. My beloved peace and tranquility. When I sit there, calmly for just one minute something inside me changes. The switch is thrown and I can just be. 

My mat is a place of magic, where my strength, balance and emotions are tested. As a beginner I can’t believe the impact that it’s had on my life. 

I’ve found unexpected friendships with kindred spirits. I’ve challenged myself to become a better person. I’ve found a way to listen to myself and my own desires. I’ve found a way to listen to others. I’ve found a way to accept who I am and cherish the world around me. 

My mat is a place of powerful magic. Those that stand near me on their own mats carry an even greater magic. 

One day I can hope to be as good as they are.

Thank you for giving me the magic yoga. 

Thank you for being the one to show me Sarah

I can’t wait to be with my sister so we can practice together!!!!


About glitterydragon

A relentless multitasker dancing in circles
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