Give yourself a pat on the back!

To all you step parents out there, well done. It’s not easy, from any side of the barrier. Being a step child can leave you feeling lacking, wrong or in the way. Being the adult who steps in to carry the weight can be impossible. An unthankable roll that at the best of times brings peace, but never the unconditional love that being a biological parent offers. It must be like trying to be a UN negotiator in the middle of a war zone. No matter what you say or do someone will fire an angry, resentful look your way.

Thanks for trying. The fact you were there, are there, at all means more than the parents who walked away.

To the parent that has found new love in their life, of course you deserve it. No body wanted a broken home or a glued together family, but no one invites any tragedy into their lives. What you are doing or have done is making the best out of life. Moving forward and teaching your children that any situation can be overcome. That we all can have a second chance, another shot at the happy hour. By teaching your children love you teach them happiness. Security is priceless, and if that comes from another person stepping in, well let’s go for it.

It doesn’t stop there.

To all the parents who showed up for work this morning, give yourselves a cheer. The ones who smile even though they’re tired. The coffee in one hand and snotty tissue in the other. The half eaten cereal and peppa pig crazed demands. The endless cycle of tasks that haunt you on a daily basis only to be rewarded with I want more and why. Take a step back to see how amazing you are and how much you make each and every day special. You are the most important person in someone’s life.

No matter who we are we touch someone. We may not know it, but someone somewhere looks forward to seeing you. A confirmation that all is right in the world. Together we intertwine to make things magical. Pat yourself on the back. Without you there would be a huge gaping hole in the universe. 


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