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For the first time in 16 years!

I have an ongoing battle with my weight. It’s a dull story, I’ve had children, stopped work to be a stay at home mom for my youngest and gained a lot of weight!! It’s a combination of being sedentary, being … Continue reading

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Give yourself a pat on the back!

To all you step parents out there, well done. It’s not easy, from any side of the barrier. Being a step child can leave you feeling lacking, wrong or in the way. Being the adult who steps in to carry … Continue reading

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Remind me to tell you all about my most favourite place in the world.

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When your best isn’t good enough

It’s one of those days, again. To be fair I’ve not had too many of them recently, but it’s enough to make me sad. And that’s the real problem right there. It’s not one of those days, it’s me, I’m … Continue reading

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There’s something kinda yogaish going on!

This evening I have found the benefit of being kept awake for the early hours of the morning. Of plodding on with my busy day and pushing myself further than I have for what has probably been more than a … Continue reading

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Missing my sister…

My amazing sister is having an adventure of a lifetime, and I miss her like crazy. Today she’s been on my mind a lot. I thought of her in yoga, I found her in my heart. I thought of her … Continue reading

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The beauty of the written word.

I’m in much anticipation of my next delivery of recycled elephant poo paper from the exotic paper company!  I have a story to tell my co dreamer. Thank you letters for the school and staff that enabled my proud mother … Continue reading

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