Unturned Pages


For all of the words yet to be read, for all of the stories waiting to be written, for all of the unturned pages.

I have a fantasy that all true talent will be found, all hard work recognised and all passion rewarded. I want people to share their creations, be proud of their achievements and let the world discover them.

It seems that there are writers hiding in every corner, someone’s husband is writing a book or someone’s cousin has a publish by demand deal whilst the rest of us keep scribbling dreams on any scrap of paper we can place our hands on and have a thousand ideas roaring through our heads. How to get the ideas to the right people, what to run with and what to save until the world is ready to embrace. Who should see it, and when to give, when to embrace the flood of relentless opinion and when to accept defeat.

Never accept defeat. There’s a story waiting to touch the lives of everyone out there, one line that’s close to home, one Princess for every Prince, a hero for every damsel in distress, a magical world waiting to unfold behind those eyes, a friend to share your secrets with and a way to believe.

With e publications allowing an equal footing in the world of publishing I have lost my way. Some of the work that can be exchanged for money heightens my senses, whilst others leaves me angry and makes me realise how much of a literary snob I am.

So it all leads me to this point. I believe in magic. The market is flooded, completely saturated with the good and the bad, so now the good will be found without the need for publication. The internet has made the world a smaller place. Stretch out your arms wide and you can reach the ends of the earth. Let’s allow the world to find us instead of pushing for it to listen. New worlds can be created in the blink of an eye, if one person feels the magic then I’m glad I shared. I hope others will join in and share too.

If people believe then we’ll make up some rules, but until then I’ll keep trying.


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